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Welcome to earthtile

As founders we’d like to welcome you to earthtile, and we’d like to tell you a little about ourselves, why we started earthtile, it’s purpose, and how you can become a part of it.

We’ve both been involved in sustainability practices, in particular permaculture, for most of our adult lives. The founders of this hands on sustainability practice, David Holmgrem and Bill Mollison, based their work on a central ethic: earth care, people care, and fair share. In our own ways, on our own properties–sometimes together–we’ve worked on implementing earth care strategies for over 20 years. We’ve learned a lot about improving the health of the ecosystems that support us and our families, but over time it became obvious that stewarding and restoring ecological systems was not something that everyone had the time or financial resources to do. 

We both became passionate about finding a way to scale-up earth care by making it possible for everyone who wanted to to participate, and for that to be a rewarding and viable experience. 

From the first moment we heard about Hashgraph, and the work of Dr Leeman Baird and Mance Harmon, we knew we had found a technology that had all the requirements for realising our dream of creating a system that could incentivise mass collaboration in earth care, right up to the planetary scale. Hashgraph’s revolutionary consensus algorithm had the potential to be applied as a truly ecological (distributed ledger) technology. 

We both love creating solutions at the systems level and earthtile is what you get when you combine a guy who founded a company that receives 54 Billion requests to its website per year [1] with a guy who founded a company that’s planted over 100 million trees.[2]

The purpose of earthtile is to remove the barriers to democratic participation in planetary earthcare. earthtile is designed to let you bypass overly bureaucratic and opaque government approaches and self-interested corporate control of the environment and to participate directly in a decentralised, grass roots, bottom-up, collaborative, self-organising earthcare community that puts the power to act back into the hands of the people. Our mission is to support sustainable land managers and indigenous communities in the work they do stewarding and restoring natural environments. 

We have been designing the earthtile system for the past 2 years and now we are building the MVP. We look forward to sharing this with the community for testing as soon as it’s ready. All updates will be posted on Twitter and in the earthtile Telegram group first. We will also send all important updates via email so you won’t miss out.  In the mean-time please make yourself at home, take the opportunity to connect with others in the Telegram group, learn more about earthtile, how it works, and the ways that you can get involved. 

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Warm regards,

Joel and Tim
Co-founders of earthtile

[1] Joel Bruce founded in 2002 and in 2018.
[2] Tim Winton founded in 1995 and in 2007.

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